Alessandro Vaio

Alessandro Vaio on the mountains

Alessandro Vaio is a nature, wildlife and history photographer, born in Italy on 1982. Master of Sciences in Archaeology, the fascination of nature, curiosity and the -ology sciences (archaeology, zoology, paleontology, etc…) led him to explore some of the wildest and most beautiful places on the Planet, seeking natural and historical wonders.

Fascinated by both history and the natural world since my childhood, I consumed books, watched documentaries and traveled countless kilometers to enjoy them. This passion directed my studies to a Master in Archaeology. As I began showing my best images, I realized the immense power of images to inspire and influence people with the issue of protection of the natural and the historical heritage. It is hard to photograph wildlife in the wild, but I want it to be true. So I stay away from easy locations or captive animals, but strive instead to give a wild feeling with my photos, framing my subjects within their context and patiently waiting for behaviors.

I never consider this as just a job. The hardships of field work, preparation, commitment, experimentation, frustration and satisfaction, all contributed together into something with no schedules or holidays: a lifestyle more than anything else.