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Welcome! I am thrilled to launch my new website, a project which has been brewing for a while, showing my visions on nature and history (being an archaeologist myself) and the results of my journeys in some incredible corners of the World. I will also write some personal essays on my adventures or talk about my techniques or the gear used. Stay tuned for more.

This is my first blog ever and for my first post I decided to start with an image which brings me back good memories, dating to my first expedition to East Greenland, a 20 days solo trek I undertook in the tundra of Jameson and Liverpool lands in the Scoresby Sound region of East Greenland, the longest fjord system in the World. What brought me to East Greenland, to the remotest inhabited community in the Northern Hemisphere? Many reasons: the desire to see the Arctic in its full majesty, the non-funny challenge of walking about 200km with 40 kg on my back, the aspiration to move my steps into the “unknown”…

Footprints of Polar Bear, Trekker and Musk Ox in the sand, Jamesond Land, Greenland

Tracks in the sand: this shot was taken in the Ryder Elv valley, a small valley between Jameson Land and Liverpool Land. I took this image while trying to find a ford across the wide mouth of the Ryder river, a swampy and sandy area about 5 miles wide: after several attempts, I ended up using the same way used already by the local “inhabitants”, some polar bears and a herd of musk oxen.

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